Eliott Schütz

Interactive Media Designer

a shot of a silver gameboy advance sp

Packshot Gameboy (2020)

a screenshot of the minecraft photography exhibit

Virtual photo exhibit (2020)

the box cover for the game called doors

Doors (2020)

screenshot of the video present on the website

lowtech fictions (2020)

screenshot of the video about the 5 best barilla pasta

5 Best Pasta (2019)

screenshot of the video called jill et john

Jill et John (2019)

a portrait of a person in a mirror with a very limited depth of field

Instagram (2018-21)

a screenshot of a video watchable on my vimeo

Vimeo (2019-21)


a photo of me holding a photo camera and i even have red hair! thanks gabriel for the picture Hi! My name’s Eliott, I’m 21 and I’m a Interactive Media Design student at eracom
(Lausanne). My field of predilection is making videos. I like absurd humour and integrating it in my works. I aspire to use my skills to talk about social and political subjects that are important to me, be it as documentaries or fictions.

I also have interests in other media such as photography and video games and their own narrative specificities.

I am able to work both within a team and by myself, I pay a lot of attention to detail. People find it pleasant to work with me and think I am rather funny.

In case of further interest in my works or a collaboration proposal, donc hesitate to contact me through this email address: info(at)eliottschutz.ch